As a Major League Baseball franchise, the San Diego Padres may not be the typical enterprise, but they face many of the same communications challenges as any geographically-diverse organization with a large percentage of mobile employee and international locations. Chief among those challenges is ensuring that all of their employees, regardless of role or location, are seamlessly connected at an affordable cost and ensuring they provide top-of-the-line customer service to their fans.

On top of these everyday challenges, the Padres faced an immediate need to ramp up their communications capability as the eyes – and phone calls – of the sports world would soon be turning to them as they host the Major League All Star Game on July 12. The Padres had to make a choice: spend money on expanding an outdated PBX wiring or move to real-time communications.

After evaluating several different options, the Padres selected Mitel’s end-to-end cloud communications solution. The Mitel solution has enabled the Padres to connect remote training locations, scouts and other mobile employees seamlessly with the home office, enhance the fan experience with personalized contact center software, and provide the scalability needed to handle the extra demand associated with the MLB All-Star Game.

Connecting the Mobile Employee

A Major League Baseball franchise is naturally a very mobile enterprise, with scouts traveling the world to evaluate players and the team traveling across North America for games, as well as to various branch locations, such as a spring training facility in Arizona and a developmental facility in the Dominican Republic.

With Mitel MiCollab, the entire organization can communicate and collaborate quickly and seamlessly using integrated chat, conference calls, video conferencing and presence via the MiCollab mobile and desktop clients. Even with the improved connectivity, the Padres were able to lower costs by moving from traditional long distance and international phone calls to VoIP-based communications with internal extensions across the entire organization – even while mobile.

Improving the Fan Experience

At its core, the Padres organization is focused on providing the best fan experience possible. With Mitel solutions, the Padres’ improved call center experience will automatically recognize its most frequent customers, season ticket members, when they call into customer service representatives, allowing the contact center to streamline the experience and focus their attention on serving the customer.

Scaling to Meet All-Star Demand

With the MLB All-Star game coming to Petco Park on July 12, the Padres realized they would soon have a much higher demand for communications connectivity within the ballpark. With the existing PBX phone system, that would have required investing in new wiring throughout the park to reach locations that were not designed for phone service. With Mitel’s cloud-based communication solution, all that is required to install a new phone is an internet connection and a handset.

Organizing the communications infrastructure of a Major League Baseball team is a complex task, facing many of the same challenges as a traditional enterprise. It all comes down to ensuring that each and every employee has the technology and connectivity required to do their job to the best of their ability. By providing top-of-the-line cloud-based communications systems that enable employees to collaborate in real-time, the Padres have gained strategic advantages over the competition, improved the customer experience and provided the scalability to meet All-Star Game demand.

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