Cisco Calls It Breaking HR Yorktel logo

For thirty years Yorktel has been making the complicated simple by making sure that users get products that are functional and simple to use. Yorktel, a video managed services and cloud provider, is bringing their technology revolution to an enterprise department that until now has not always been in the vanguard of change: human resources.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 5.38.56 PMIn this podcast Denise Lage, Vice President of the Global Unified Communications Strategy, describes Yorktel’s work with Cisco, in what Cisco is describing “Breaking HR”, tying together Yorktel’s Next Gen Workplace efforts and what is being promoted by Cisco’s “Chief People Officer.”

The possibilities are critical to companies who need to stay up with generational changes occurring as a new wave of workers bring a radically different set of expectations and point of view to the workforce. Since every company is only as good as its talent, this podcast deals with technologies that will help IT managers work with their HR teams, and other departments, to keep their organization ahead of the times.

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