LifeSize, founded in 2003 and acquired by Logitech in 2009, is a pioneer and world leader in high-definition video collaboration. LifeSize solutions are simple to buy, adopt, support and use. They offer video conferencing systems and software applications as well as a full line of video infrastructure, available on premise or in the cloud.

Simon Dudley, LifeSize Video Evangelist, tells us about the company, WebRTC, and how LifeSize is incorporating it into their solutions.

More at www.lifesize.com

Access the LifeSize Knowledge Base at www.lifesize.com/en/support/knowledge-base

One Response to “LifeSize Embraces WebRTC”

  1. One mistake I’d like to correct – WebRTC exist on mobile today. Not as alpha or beta but as real products.

    * Chrome and Firefox on Android both support WebRTC – just try using it.
    * AddLive, Weemo, TokBox and others offer SDKs to wrap into apps that include WebRTC inside them (with the required backend). They already have customers using that inside end products that are sold in Apple’s App Store and Google Play
    * Vonage ported WebRTC on their own to mobile and enjoyed over a million downloads of their app by their customer base

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