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Former Polycom EVP of Worldwide Engineering A.E. Natarajan Joins Tely Labs

September 15, 2014 // Industry News, People, Press Releases, SR 9-21

Leader in Affordable Video Conferencing Strengthens Executive Team

REDWOOD CITY, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 15, 2014) – Tely Labs, the leader in simple, secure and affordable video conferencing and collaboration systems, today announced the appointment of A.E. Natarajan as senior vice president of engineering.

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Matching Pace with the Machine-Driven World – Part 2

September 15, 2014 // Knowledge, Op Ed, Opinion, SR 9-21 original, SR 9-24 original

By Dan Joe Barry, vice president of marketing, Napatech (

Dan Joe Barry

Dan Joe Barry

In Part 1, we looked at today’s data explosion and best practices for managing it. We continue now with three additional best practices and key considerations for accelerating the network to 100G.

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Video Conferencing Now an Indispensable Tool for HR-Specialists

September 15, 2014 // Knowledge, Op Ed, Opinion, SR 9-21 original

by Michael Gotalsky, CEO of TrueConf (

Michael Gotalsky

Michael Gotalsky

According to studies, remote job interviews have become common practice for over a third of Human Resources (HR) specialists.This has meant the development of a new business culture where video conferencing has become a necessary part of doing business.

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The Cloud is here to Stay: It’s Time for Resellers to Get Their Business Model on Board

September 15, 2014 // Cloud, Op Ed, Opinion, SR 9-21 original

By Daryl Reva, Senior Director of Channel Marketing, Fonality / Twitter: @fonality

Daryl Reva

Daryl Reva

It’s no secret that SMB adoption of cloud communication is through the roof. As customer demand shifts, resellers of business phone systems now face a new challenge: adapting their business to a model based less on upfront payments and more on recurring revenues from cloud’s subscription pricing.

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iFlipTips – College-Corporate SlideShow Presentations, Multimedia Training and Personal Notecard-Study “Flipcard” System

September 13, 2014 // Thomas B. Cross




The follow are articles on how to use iFlipTips in various college or corporate study and learning/training settings.


Exam Preparation Using iFlipTips – Using Digital 3×5 Notecards


iFlipTips Version 4.5 – Flipcards-Flashcards and Personal Multi-media Notecards & Slides for iPhone and iPad Now Available


iFlipTips Version 4.5 – Independent Review by Hannah B – iPhone/iPad App


Creating Digital Catalogs Using iFlipTips


Crowdsourcing Using iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad App


Learning and Concentration Tips


Study Tech Tool iFlipTips for iPhone/iPhone – Mobile 3×5 Postcards


Sales Training Using iFlipTips iPhone-iPad App


Personal Diary, Notetaking, Learning,Training and Development Tool – iFlips iPhone/iPad App


Study Planning Using Study App for iPhone and iPad


iFlipTips New 4.5 Review – iFlipTips a must-have app for your iPhone and iPad – Independent Review by Eva


iPhone and iPad Event Planning Apps


Study Quicker-Faster Via iFlipTips


Corporate Training with iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad Training Tool – Rapid Mobile Delivery System


HR compliance Using iFlipTips iPhone-iPad App


iFlipTips as a Personal Organizer – iFlipDiary


Cloud Solution for Mobile Multi-media Learning, Training and Delivery for iPhone and iPad Now Available


Journal – Diary Writing Using iFlipTips – iPad/iPhone App


Campaigning – Social Causes & Politics Using iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad App


Studying for Exams Using iFlipTips Study Buddy App for iPhone and iPad


Cooking Using iFlipTips


iFlipTips for Real Estate


Shopping Using iFlipTips – iFlipShop


Social Media Using iFlipTips – iFlipMags


Learning Languages Using iFlipTips – Creating Digital Textbooks


Study Buddy App – iFlipTips iPhone/iPad App – Independent Review


iFlipTips Review – Flipcard, NoteCard Study Buddy App for iPhone & iPad


iFlipTips Improving your Study Skills – iPhone & iPad App


Presentation Development and Improving Presentation Skills Using iFlipTips


Art Study Using iFlipTips


Personal Development Training Using iFlipTips


Personal Development Training Using iFlipTips


Business Coaching Idea Tracking Using iFlipTips – Q&A Tool, Organizer & Session Notetaker-Recorder


Biology Study Using iFlipTips


Physical Therapy Study Using iFlipTips


Music Study Using iFlipTips


Architecture Study Using iFlipTips


iFlipTips Quick Video Review — Multimedia Corporate Presentations and Tech Quick Reference Cards & iFlipCards — Flip Notecards Study Quiz Builder for iPhone & iPad


Building Construction Tips Using iFlipTips


Social Selling Tips Using iFlipTips


Marketing Tips Using iFlipTips


Gardening Tips Using iFlipTips


Studying Chemistry Using iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad App


Car Repair Using iFlipTips: Car Maintenance Tracking, Dealer Checking


Project Management Using iFlipTips


College-Corporate SlideShow Presentations, Multimedia Training and Personal Notecard-Study “Flipcard” System


iFlipTips – Flipcards-Flashcards and personal multi-media notecards for iPhone and iPad


5 Essential iPhone and iPad Apps for Students


Social Media Message Tracking – Top 5 Steps to Respond to and Diffuse Negative Comments and Attacks


HR compliance Using iFlipTips iPhone-iPad App





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Case Study: How Syn-Apps is Making a Difference in Healthcare for Rochelle Community Hospital

September 12, 2014 // Case Study, SR 9-14B

Rochelle Community Hospital, located in Rochelle, Illinois, has used Syn-Apps’ SA-Announce and CallAlert software since 2012 to enhance network communications. According to Chris Powell, Information Systems Technician for Rochelle Community Hospital, the facility chose Syn-Apps after receiving a recommendation from OneNeck IT Solutions.

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